Creating a chain guard for almost any 1928 Henderson motorcycle is not everything easy unless of course obviously clearly you’re Robert Craig, who builds many parts for several American made motorcycles.

No standard machinery to eliminate a component. Robert Craig uses techniques, measurements and hands crafted patterns, a technique used presently past.

Every time a part is hands crafted, her look and feel in the original, nothing can beat mass production companies who eliminate lightweight metal or tin along with the edges and curves lost are lost to today’s modern rubber rubber rubber stamping process.

Robert molds,hammers,buffs and cleans a component which gives it a vintage depth obtaining a classic feel on a little bit of content he makes, matching around adjoining existing parts gives his medicare medicare part a nearly artistic antique vintage flow for the real restoration.

100 point points will be the aim every antique or vintage motorcycle enthusiast sets to achieve when showing a vintage-fashioned or vintage motorcycle in the motorcycle meet or show.

Generally, legal court cannot place work that has been created by Robert each time a motorcycle remains restored completely with paint.

Not everybody can proclaim this type of talent. Only if Robert Craig’s part is showcased alongside obtaining a factory made part, does Robert’s hands crafted part stump the the most effective within the antique and Vintage motorcycle arena.

Master antique and vintage motorcycle parts builder Robert, among a few within the U.S., is really within the league of their very own.

Also Robert fashions Bakelite parts too. Rubber made parts among other techniques acquainted with produce antique and vintage motorcycle parts.

Many popular educational programs on television get advice from Robert, including among the hottest top shows who travel and uncover antique and vintage motorcycles.

Celebrities of top motorcycle shows on background educational channels contact Robert to get advice and accurate data around the handful of in the earliest motorcycles within the united states . states.

Robert Craig may be the host in the new antique and vintage motorcycle show to air on tv this winter season season season. Robert comes with a artistic capacity to produce a handful of in the rarest and nearly impossible to find substitute parts for early motorcycles. Together with his wife Jesse as well as the two sons, Raymond and Randy, any motorcycle enthusiast or restorer will uncover this latest show very educational, very intriguing, notable and difficult to overlook when the airs.