The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is the best electric car that people can buy nowadays. Though there are cars like Tesla in this category, Ioniq 6 has created an identity of its own. Various aspects can be named that make this vehicle such a special EV.

To know why it is special you need to go through the information laid out below. However, people looking to buy this car instantly should visit Philadelphia Hyundai dealer. So, either visit the showroom or take a look at what makes this car special.

What makes Ioniq 6 special?

Several factors make it special in the eyes of EV enthusiasts. Things like its driving range, electric motors’ power, unique design, and a boatload of features. Thus, have a look at these points one by one to know more.

  • Battery and driving range

The first thing people want to know about electric cars is the battery pack and driving range that the battery will allow. The Ioniq 6 comes with 361 miles of driving range, which is massive. People looking to get the longer-range model of this EV can opt for SE Long Range RWD trim. It offers people with over 58 miles more driving range than Hyundai’s Ioniq 5.

The AWD set of this vehicle will offer 270 miles driving range; this is still quite impressive as it offers more range than most cars in the electric category. Also, according to EPA, this vehicle will provide a mileage of 140 MPGe; however, in numerous cases, it has offered more than what EPA mentioned.

  • Electric motors

The base trim of the Ioniq 6 comes with a single motor setup. This powertrain just powers this vehicle’s rear wheels; also, it offers 149 horses. The same motor will provide people with 225 horsepower when equipped with a Hyundai Long range battery setup.

The most expensive model includes a dual-motor system that helps in creating 320 horses. Also, it comes with an AWD system; it is possible for one motor power Ioniq 6’s front wheels while the other motor powers the rear ones. In addition, this is available with the largest battery pack that Hyundai has to offer. This powertrain can easily shoot this car from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds.

This car offers a smooth driving experience due to such powertrains. Also, its cabin is well-insulated which makes it noise free. Also, different driving modes allow a driver to enjoy a regenerative braking system. Since knowing more would help, you should visit Philly Hyundai dealership.

  • Looks and pricing

Well, this EV looks unique and is the reason many people feel that it is a special car. This is a sedan that comes with a different styling than what you can imagine; looking at it always makes people gawk at it with admiration. Even the interior is modernistic and practical, making it the perfect EV to buy.

The starting price of this vehicle is $42,715. However, to know exactly about all the versions and their pricing, reach a dealership quickly as it is currently the best electric car that you can buy!